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How to find your future property in Malta

Finding the right property in Malta may be hard, especially if you are residing overseas and are not familiar with the Maltese islands. Whether you are considering retiring or deciding to live in a warm climate or looking into a job opportunity on the small island of Malta –  you will always need to be exposed to extensive information in order to filter through the wealth of properties available. Irrespective of the case, we can help you begin the process.

Living in Malta

Malta is a tiny paradise-island, right in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea...a stepping stone to Europe and Africa. The all-year warm weather and the numerous adventures the island may offer entice many a foreigner to want to live here. Not only that, but Malta’s long turbulent history, ancient and medieval heritage and beautiful idyllic locations, place Malta as one of the top 10 destinations to live in.  That said, the Maltese are also renowned for their hospitality, are English speaking and signage is also in English. All these factors combined, enhance Malta as an ideal place to live in.

Real estates in Malta

The Maltese real estate market is quite stable, as the global financial crisis hardly affected this industry. Reasons for this being due to the scarcity of land that can be developed, the availability of high quality properties and the benefits (tax-wise and other) that the country may offer. Consequently, choosing to invest in a property in Malta is definitely a wise decision.

As the market is so buoyant, there are numerous real estate agencies in Malta....but finding the right one may be hard. In fact, a company worth contacting is Tumas Developments. Their website provides detailed property information, as well as purchasing information and up-to-date prices.

When to begin the process?

The purchasing process can take time and can vary depending on the type of property and the state it is in. So make sure you begin to search and contact agencies a few months before you come to live here. Ensure that you search and compare a vast number of properties, based on your budget. In that way you would begin by ruling out those properties which do not meet your needs.

Where to live?

If you are not familiar with Malta, you may not know which towns or villages suit your needs best to live in. For example, some places are bustling with life, where one may find countless opportunities for daytime and night-time activities. Such places would be St. Julian’s and Mellieha. In these places the property prices may be a little higher than other parts of the island, but such an investment would be worth it due to supply and demand factors. In fact, the most luxurious properties can be found in Portomaso, St. Julians. Here you can enjoy an unsurpassed, unique life style with the added benefit of enjoying great views of the sea and the marina from your balcony. Also, you are only a stone’s throw away from the very finest shops and restaurants on the Maltese islands.

If you prefer living in a quiet residential area, you should then choose a smaller town in the centre or in the south of Malta. For example, Marsascala, is such a place. Here, all services are close at hand; yet there are no bustling crowds on the streets. In fact, the popular Ta’ Monita Residence offers such a life style and is in walking distance from the beautiful promenade and the sea shore. This complex is the gem of the south.

On the other hand, if you are dreaming of living just beside a golden sandy beach, Mellieha’s Tas-Sellum Residence is perfect for you. This little town was also awarded the European Destination of Excellence, meaning that this village is full of entertaining opportunities and lovely places to visit. Tas-Sellum – Mellieha offers a peaceful and tranquil setting and life.

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