Property Investment Opportunities in Malta

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Property investment in Malta

There has never been a better time to consider buying a property in Malta for investment purposes. The global financial crisis affected the industry, but luckily, the situation quickly improved and the island is once again the perfect opportunity for investment.

Buying Property in Malta

Maltese citizens can purchase investment properties without any restrictions but foreign buyers will need to acquire a permit to do so. Usually only one property can be purchased, and must be for owner-occupancy. Exceptions to this rule are the properties of residences in various
‘Special Designated Areas’. Many Special Designated Areas are located in Malta, and are typically the location of high end luxurious residential developments that are a haven for investors. Whether local or foreign, here anyone can purchase properties within the same rights as locals, meaning that they can purchase multiple properties and they can even rent them out.

Tumas Developments has provided numerous properties to investors from all over the world thanks to the Special Designated Area status of its residences. These are:

-          Ta’ Monita Residence in Marsascala: This residence includes some exceptionally amazing apartments and penthouses for sale. They are spacious, fully furnished and most of them have a great view of the sea. There is a communal swimming pool for the residents and the sea is within walking distance too.

-          Portomaso in St. Julian’s: Portomaso is one of the busiest areas of Malta and one of its most prestigious investment centres. The marina development includes a business tower, a yacht marina and the award-winning property development itself.  The properties for sale here have the same characteristics as the ones in Ta’ Monita: luxuriously furnished and many of them have a wonderful sea view, whilst providing all of the comforts and facilities needed for refined living.

-          Tas-Sellum in Mellieha: Mellieha was voted as a ‘Destination of Excellence’, which makes it one of the most popular tourist towns in Malta. Properties in the Tas-Sellum Residence are perfectly situated overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the wide panoramic views of Mellieha and the surrounding area.

Within these residences you can find the most luxurious properties in Malta which are ideal for investor, as they are sold fully and luxuriously furnished they can easily be rented out, thus providing their owners with a regular income. The properties for sale in these areas vary in price, and so there are opportunities for even the most modest of investors.

Settling in these places permanently is also a good idea since they have all facilities one would need for luxurious living. Investing in Malta means that you can enjoy eternal sunshine and the benefits of the crystal blue sea all-year long. So if you are looking to invest in a luxurious property, look no further than Ta’ Monita, Portomaso or Tas-Sellum.

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