Retiring in Malta

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Retiring in Malta

Retiring is a big change in one’s life – why not make it bigger? After working long years many people decide to move to another country to enjoy their retirement in a new and refreshing environment. Most people choose to indulge in their new lifestyle by the sea – which is why Malta is the perfect destination for retirees.

Why retire in Malta?

First of all, the weather is always positive. Even in the winter the sun shines almost every day and the temperature rarely drops below 10 ℃. In summer the air may be dry but people can easily get to the sea to cool off, as the crystal blue waters are literally all around them. The water is warm during the summer months and in autumn too meaning that one can enjoy the beach for 5 or 6 months of every year.

The island is small, so getting from one point to another is easy and fast. There is a well-functioning public transport system which is also cheap. You can also visit the surrounding islands by ferries and if needed, you can easily get home by plane.

Malta has a good cost of living compared to many other EU countries. The good weather, the numerous places to visit and the countless free programmes organized by local organizations attract people from all across the world who are seeking to retire in the sun. This active lifestyle helps retirees in Malta to stay healthy and active for longer.

Retiring in Malta is especially easy for Brits: there are many traditions left behind from the time when Malta was a British colony. Cars drive on the left side of the road and almost every local is fluent in English. But since many people worldwide speak this language, retiring in Malta can be attractive to other nationals too.

Where to live?

If you have decided to move here, the next important question is which town to choose. The bustling tourist towns in Malta like St. Julian’s or Sliema are definitely not for those who retiring hoping to enjoy calmness and nature. Gozo may seem attractive, but for some it may be too small and separated. The perfect solution is to move to the south of the island; here one can enjoy silence and the beauty of nature whilst still close to the centre of Malta and the airport.

One of the best town southern towns is Marsascala – once a fishing village, this small town is close to the centre of the island but still separated enough for the locals to relax in silence and comfort. The town is also located on the coast so retirees in Malta can enjoy the crystal clear water every day.

Finding apartments

Finding an apartment in Malta is not hard but the perfect apartment is something you may have to search harder for. If you seek to enjoy your retirement years in Malta cosily you should consider moving to a place like the Ta’ Monita Residence – this luxurious residence in Malta is a place where all amenities and facilities are within walking distance. A communal swimming pool is also available. There are many charming apartments available here, some of which enjoy impressive panoramas from their balconies. Enjoying your retirement in Malta is easy if you live in a place like this. This residence is located a Special Designated Area meaning that retirees can buy properties here within the same rights as locals.

Retirement is about enjoying life no matter what - in Ta’ Monita, Marsascala your retirement in Malta will be luxurious and trouble free.

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